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Favorite Authors #1

Here we are an another blog, yaay this is way easier for me to do *pats her shoulder* Well like the titel says this is about my fav. Authors on this planet and as the number obviously points out this is just part one, I will be making a second ofcourse.

The faces above this post could be familiar to you but also could be unkown to you. I know the faces of these woman and the books they wrote that did blew away my mind and turned me into the fangirl I am.

#1. J.K. Rowling
If you do not know this marvelous writer than you must be hiding under a rock or you are a firm believer in god (trust me I came across such people). Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series wich I am a big fan of. I am certain I do not have to explain why it is amazing and why you should read them cause everybody who reads my blog is a fan. She made and entire world for us to love and believe in, the movies were a hit and I can't wait to read her new book The Casual Vacancy.

#2. Josephine Angelini
My closest friends know her and her writing as I did push them to buy and read their books or have gifted it to them. Josephine created a world of demi-gods in our modern day and named her book Starcrossed. She gave a whole new spin to this concept, Family's who will murder each other cause of the fates. Sounds crue-some huh. Well it is a marvelously written and beside fighting and ancient greek mythologie there is a love story in there, friendships and way more. Catched your attention, well maybe you should buy it!
For those who have read starcrossed, the second book in this saga is called Dreamless and is avaible to buy.

Josephine herself if a very warm woman who is very fan orientated, I tweet her a lot and she always replies. She loves her precious starhearts, Well I do love her and her writing ;).

#3. Lauren Kate
I am sure this face and name have a more familiar ring to it. Lauren Kate created a world of fallen angels, a love story in the mids of wars between heaven and hell. I am sure a lot of you have read these books and loved them just like I did. Honestly I am curious to read The betrayal of Natalie Hargrove as well and will buy it in the future and bring you a revieuw to enjoy.
I had the honour of meeting Lauren Kate in person during the Elf Fantasy Fair in 2011. She gave a Q&A about torment and a bit of a sneak peak into passion. (Now all books are out ofcourse) Lauren is a sweet woman and I enjoy having a small chit chat during the signing of my book.

#4. Trudi Canavan
Last but not least. I am sure a lot of you (except my friends, yes I do push them to read her books) are not familiar with her face or name. Well this is Trudi Canavan an Australian writer I am dying to share with everybody. Trudi created a new world of magic in The Magician's Apprentice, The Black Magician's Trilogy and the sequeel The Traitor Spy Trilogy. (book three just came out!! *squeel*)
It's hard to explain what its about, yes it's about magic, love, standing up for yourself, but a lot of books involve that, hence the magic. When you think Magic do not compare it to Harry Potter, no wands or loud spells. This magic comes from within you, a natural force you are gifted with. You must form this magic to use, stun beams, shield so on.
The first book I mentionned The Magician's Apprentice is in fact a history book, The History of how Kyralia is how it is in The Black Magician's Trilogy. Then The Traitor Spy Trilogy is set 20 years after the Black Magician Trilogy. Yes, you still with me haha, complicated yes I know but I am pressing you to go and buy them. You will not regret it.

Well my readers, I hope I made you familiar with the first four of my Favorite Authors in this world and there are ofcourse more to come. Want to know more about their books make sure to click on there names and you will be send to their website where you can find way more.
Enjoy ;). 

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  1. I still haven't read the books of Lauren Kate, but I agree on the others (though even I'm only on page 100 of Trudi's book)

    1. you haven't oh my, you should hahahaha ;) yes trudi her books I love them, read them a lot but they are so thick, not that I mind ofcourse ;) I love the trilogy's better but that history book is something you should read to understand some things better when you start BMT

  2. I haven't read Trudi's books (yet, yes I promise I will read them :P), but I totally agree on all the others :) Amazing writers! Can't wait to see more of your fave authors!

    1. Yes or I will just keep giving them as gifts hahahaha. easier way to push people to read things haha

  3. I've only read books of J.K. Rowling so that's the only I would be able to agree on haha.

    1. you should give the others a chance, The books of Trudi grap you and pull you in. You don't want to let go :D

  4. Harry Potter is my fav book! but also recently I started to read George Martin "The song of Ice and Fire" it's called sthng like that in English!! It's really cool book, a bit cruel and got ppl older 16

    1. I know those books, Games of Thrones is the HBO serie made of the books :) Maybe I will read those but I won't know for sure yet.