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First Convention Ever: LFCC

Home sweet home you should think but I miss london with all its things, starbucks around the corner, the tube and its good service, all the parks around and way more. But being home is good to.(yes this is an old blog from july 9th)

But yes this post, about The London Film and Comic Con. My first convention and it was amazing. I went there to see Holly Marie Combs, Brian Kraus and Thomas Dekker. This will be a long blog and with pictures (tagged for obvious reasons, I dont like to be photoshopped out of pictures) 

 Lets start on Friday night, previeuw night. I queued for an hour to get a ticket and then went straight to the ticket table. I only waited for 10 minutes but I got my talk and 2 other photoshoots then I went of to find the canvas warriors booth. I dearly wanted my caroline vervain necklace. after walking 4 rounds I found them. So many dealers hahaha, so many amazing stuff. But yes I found them, We chatted a bit and I told them I dearly wanted an Caroline necklace and told them I also had ordered a harry potter necklace before and expressed that I was a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries. Then she said "Oh so you are the girl that emailed us about the necklace" and my face must have lit up because they remembered. I went like "Yes that was me" and she was al like "Well thanks to you we brought over some to make sure you had one". I was a happy camper and put on my necklace as soon as I got it. I even bought a Klaus Keychain thingie <3 its precious! 

 I walked around and found that Thomas Dekker had nobody by his table. I wanted his autograph and decided on doing it now. So I payed went up to his table and he was really nice. I told him I had only watched angels crest and that I was impressed, Told him fair that I found it due to Joseph Morgan but that I was impressed and that I cried my eyes out. He was very sweet and thanked me for it (boy that guy is handsome oh my god) I asked him for a picture and the crew guy took one of us. After Thomas I just went back to my hostel, had walked around london all day and I was death beat.

 Now lets head over to Saturday, My alarm was supposed to go off at 6.15 and I was already up at 5. Yes fml! but I took my shower, did my hair and make-up and went out to get food and just head over to earl's court. I took some starbucks and waited an hour of two. I then met up with arlette and we walked to Olympia. We chatted and it was fun. Once there somebody told is, yes the queue is here so we joined.  Then it appeared to be a second que but we still got in that way haha. Lucky us :P After re-organizing and giving arlette her gift we head off once again to Canvas Warriors.  She bought some charms for on her bracelet and I bought this little snitch charm for on my death hallows necklace.

Next we went back over to Thomas because I still needed to give him my gift and lucky for us there was nobody. So we went in and I told him I was here yesterday and he said Yes I remember you. My face lit up big time, come on he remembered me (I amnot such a plain jane as T tought I was). I gave Him my clogs keychain with this typical dutch patern on it with a little note under it.  He looked at me and back to the gift and his face lit up and was like awww, thank you. I tried to explain its something typical from my home country and Thomas was like "The Netherlands right?" and I told him it was. He said he would check out the note when he had the time for it. Arlette got her picture with him in the end to, no posed photos was what the sign said but Thomas said "If you just lean in a little" and she did and he got up a bit and thank god for my good fast camera. We thanked him and moved on to go que for Holly.

Queuing for Holly Marie Combs wasnt that long thank god. We got there pretty fast, bought our picture and autograph and went over to her pretty fast. She signed it and I cant remember what we chatted about but I told her I was a huge fan and that I even got an tattoo wich I showed to her. She said she had seen a lot of them but that mine was pretty amazing to. I got a little posed picture to :D When Arlette got hers signed I almost forgot the gift so I quickly took it out and gave it to her. She found it soo cute and I told her as well it had a little note and all and she thanked me for it and then we had to move on. (Arlette did got her picture to ofcourse, duh!)

Well after this We went outside for a little break cause Brian wasn't there yet, we had no idea where he was but oke. We chatted some more and we looked at the pics we got and so on. We went back inside and walked around a bit and more. We had to kill time anyways. Soon we found out Brian his shoot had moved up to the excact time as holly her talk. I got quite distressed by this cause I had payed for both things. We went to the organisers booth and there the brian shoot was already moved up to 3.10 pm. Thank heavens for that, I was getting stressed, just ask Arlette.

Brian now getting in we had to get que tickets but hell those were 293 and 294.., and well the number didnt go up that quick cause he took a lot of time with each fan.

Waiting wasnt that long thank god to free wifi at the place and soon the sign of brian said will be back at 2.30 pm. I was confused and the girl told us he was in a talk. we were confused and checked the schedule and well it was the same time as Holly her talk. It got me excited cause it turned out into a charmed talk jippie.

Luckily it was 2 pm soon eough and i got in, I had a fiarly good seat on the fifth row (after all the gold pass people) and soon the talk started. It was a bit of a dissapointed cause I could barely hear Holly and the all over sound was bouncing and echoing. It was horrible but I had fun. I asked a question about precious moments on set but I couldnt even hear half of it at all Until holly spoke a bit louder saying "Did we got you to, with the teasing?" To Brian. He looked up and made this serious face "They were horrible to me!" and we all had to laugh very loudly cause holly said "Oh you Liar!" very loudly into the mic. There were some more things, Brian was hilarious but I couldn't remember all of them. At one point he tried to do the Piper Halliwell move, you know the hand movement when she tried to blow up or freeze something. He made this funny face and did some jazz hands as well. Holly was cracking up saying things like Stop it!

After talk it was time to quickly head over to Thomas his shoot. It clashed with holly her second part shoot so I asked the crew and they put me in front and within 10 minutes it was my turn. I was very nervous and he looked at me and you could see he reconized me again! He smiled and said "Hey You" I was starstruck again. Thomas amazed me on so many levels. I Walked over and asked for a hug and he was like sure and hugged me tight.

Moving through the venue we quickly went to Holly her shoot where tickets until 330 were called and I could just move into the queue. There was this guy behind me and we chatted in English for a while and then he asked where I was from and I said The Netherlands and just like that he chatted away in my native language. That was rather funny. We chatted until it was time for my Holly shoot. She is such a tiny lady, I am like a lot taller then her, even when i did bend my knees I was still taller. You could just notice people were rushed through cause there wasnt a lot of time to ask for things. But I did had a good shot and thanked her for her time.

Last Arlette told me it was 3.30 and I rushed over to Brian his shoot. Well this was a whole different shoot, he refused to be rushed and took time with everybody. Requesting what a fan wanted. When it was my turn I asked for a hug and well I got a hug, a big one. He had a good tight hold of me, his face toutching mine. I was in heaven and could do nothing more but smile like a moron.

Last we just had to Que for Brian. He wasnt there yet but when he was the line moved fast in my opinion. We had some fun with a girl and her father who cracked a couple of jokes like "Brian did aged well didn't he" and we ofcourse said yes. "Well just keep you hands to yourself." I never laughed that hard in a que ever. Thank you for who ever you were.

When it was our turn unfortunatly the no posed photo sign was up (not really a sign but the girl told us, bummer) but when it was my turn he first gave me this big hug again. I was in awe He was the most amazing guest of the day for me. He said my name and asked it if was correct and I told him it was okay cause it was a very typical dutch name. He asked how it was pronounced in my native language. I said my name that way and he even said it the same way. It was amazing.

I handed him my gift and he also told me it was so cute and adorable. After that I told him I always have bin a big charmed fan, showed him my tattoo and told him I always had a HUGE crush on him when I was younger. His reaction was just awwwww.  I smiled bright and got another hug and then arlette got her moment while I snapped away some pics so she would have some kind of a picture with Brian.

After this we went out for dinner and got back to our hostel and stuff. But it was an most amazing day I will never ever forget <3 thank you guest and showmasters for everything.

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