dinsdag 14 augustus 2012

From zero to a hundred, My favorite artist!

Yes oh yes my first post about my favorite artists haha. At this moment I am trying very hard to find my favorite music video's of them. I found them all minues one but I am sure I have that one to in no time. I mean as a blogger I gotta show whats my favorite right.
Like my post of favorite authors I am sure that maybe there are 5 unknown faces in this post, I said maybe cause some of you could have heard of them ;) 

First off miss Britney Spears. She wasn't my first music love but she certainly is my longest to date. Since 1998 when her first single came out until today I still follow this woman and her music. 
Last year I finally had the luck to go see her in concert. I won two tickets to her femme fatale tour and I enjoyed myself to bits. I even cried, yes I admit but who doesnt when they finally see this person live after so many years.

Shown on the picture from right to left are: Dawn Richards, Shannon Bex, Aundrea Fimbres, D.Woods and Aubrey O'Day.
Yes this girl group, I was/are a huge fan of them and their music. This group was made during episodes of MTV's Making The Band. It had a very long history but in 2009 it was announced the group no longer excists. (want to read the whole history click here.)
I enjoyed their music, their routines of their music, tought them myself and most of all loved the reality show that came with it. All girls are talented and have started up their own solo careers. 

I hear some brains making noise, yes I adressed person to in the bit about Danity Kane. Aubrey has bin a member of Danity Kane and then resumed with her Solo Career, Aubrey had been my favorite member since the beginning and I still love her to date. She struggled with herself, with the music and we could have seen it on her own reality show named 'All About Aubrey'.

 Miss O'Day also had starred in The Celebrity Apprentice 5 (The Apprentice U.S. Season 12). She is a talented young woman who has her heart on the right place. She supports a lot of charity's wich 'GLSEN' was the one she fought for on The Apprentice.

I love her, Follow her an twitter and she follows me back. I also had the luck of being tweeted back on several occasions.
Aubrey her first solo music video will be released in two weeks until then enjoy the single.

I love this woman, she is inspirational on so many different levels to me. Her music, her acting her fashion line. she is one year younger then me and has achieved so many things. How can such a person not be inspirational? 
The one thing that will always be stuck on my by here is this one quote out of her song 'Who Says'
"I'm no beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me!"
and I think a lot more people should think like that about themselfs, I do!

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  1. None of the above are really up in my favourites, but then again I don't have that much real favourites either, ghehe. But I do love wrecking ball from Aubrey since the first time you made me listen to it :)

    1. every chance I get I will let people listen to Aubrey, She is the new up and coming talent. She is amazing in whats she does.

  2. As I don't listen to any of the artists and it's definitely not my kind of music. I do thinks it's nice to see what exactly you like. I've seen Britney live at a very young age and loved it then.
    One more thing, bin = been. :)

    1. this is not everything I like.., there is more to come, posts like this that is. Still have a few that needs to be adressed :P

      I know bin = been but its the way I typ and sounds better in my head. Its a bit of my own typing style.

    2. Haha alright, bin just sounds a bit weird to me as I read it as a trash bin. :P But curious about the other music posts. :)

  3. As far as the "Who says" song is concerned, I totally agree! It's not really my cup of tea, this music. However, THIS song says so much :)

    1. it does say a lot, I remember seeing the video first time and just started to cry. Since then it has bin my motto.

  4. Haha I don't really like any of the artists.. It's not really my kind of music either. Looking forward to more posts about music :)