vrijdag 10 augustus 2012

Shoe Crazy, My Favorites!!

(Low Black Converse, High blue/grey Converse, H&M wedge sneaker, H&M biker boots, Unknown grey wedges, H&M Black wedge sandal) Pictures shot by myself!

Like I promissed I wouldn't blog only about books like I did thus far sort of (hence the old post) and decided it was time for a bit of fashion. Fashion related to myself that is, That is why this post is dedicated to part of my shoe collection, my favorite part of my shoe collection ofcourse. I will tell a bit about why every shoe is my favorite.

The converse might speak for themselfs, comfy and easy to wear with almost everything, according to myself. (mom hates it when I pair it up with a skirt or a dress) The blue/grey ones were my first pair of converse and because they are blue/grey I can't wear them with everything. When I went to London I decided to invest in a pair of black ones, but I wanted to try the low ones so I did and didn't regret them for a minute.

Now we focus on the wedge sneaker from H&M, it was an impuls buy and I didn't wore them a lot because I find it difficult to pair them up with an outfit. I think it is because of the bright yellow neon, maybe I should have got them in white, hmmm. But they are the almost most comfortable shoe I own and these were affordable then those Isabel Marant Sneaker (I will die if I will ever get my hands on a pair of those!)

The biker boots were quite a sale catch, last winter I went shopping with a friend on a quest to find a fake fur gilet and also ran into these babies. Tried them on and well they are damn comfi and warm. I didn't had those expectations from a pair of H&M shoes. Great shoes for fall,winter, spring, maybe some festivals??

My grey wedges, my loved ones hahaha. I bought them last winter to and fell in love with the colour cause next to blue grey is my favorite colour. The heel under it is this bouncy material that walks really comfortable. I mean I went shopping with them in Utrecht one day and could manage to walk on them almsot the entire day. Win! So these are my favorite pair in my shoe collection.

Last my latest buy, my sandal wedges from H&M. Yes H&M has amazing shoes and when they are on sale it is a score! Why all my heels are wedges, cause I can walk better on those then normal heels. I got these one sale cause I wanted black sandals (they fit with everything) and i loved to get heels so combined them and found these babies! No minute of regret.

Any favs in these six or would you like to see more? Let me know below. 

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  1. I really like the grey wedges! And well converse are always nice shoes as they are so easy to make combinations with

    1. greys are my altime favorite when it comes to heels yes, comfi to :D and yes converse, I wanna own more.., only issue moneys hahaha

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