woensdag 26 september 2012

10 days left

Just ten more days and then I am flying off to England. 
Most of my lovely readers know why but let me shout it out once more. I am gonna be doing my internship abroad in England at an company called Birds and Animals UK. I am beyond excited to learn so many new things about animal training while I am there.

So on the 6th of October I am flying from Amsterdam to London Luton and from there I still have quite an journey to go as my host family seems to be living in the middle of nowhere.Wow fun hahaha. 

I am gonna be staying with this family and company for four weeks and after that I might go to london for an few days if my budget it allows. What I ofcourse am gonna do is visit the Harry Potter studio tour as the nerd I am in my costume! Hmm I wonder if my host family is gonna give me any weird glances.

I am sure to keep all of you updated on what I am doing and how things are going. but now I am not away yet ;)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. One: love the picture. Two: so excited for you! Three: Wish I could come and visit, ghehe

    1. I wish you could come and visit indeed, but we gotta save money if we wanna go to IE :D its just four weeks, not 5 months. we can survive

    2. I'll pretend you didn't blame me for dissapearing for 5 months, hihi :P But yes I'm sure we will manage 4 more weeks :)

    3. I never blamed you, right?? I didnt, i cant remember. But four weeks is just an small section of time.

    4. As said via message, it was meant as a joke, cause you said "its just four weeks, not 5 months" ghehe