donderdag 27 september 2012

The wait is over, Wrecking Ball video is here.

Finally the wait is over for us the aubtourage, the fan base of Aubrey O'Day. 
The video of wrecking ball is released, finally! The video had been postponed 2 times and it made the wait longer and longer but now it is here.

The video itself isnt this big, high standing power dance music video, but as an first video for your first single this is an pretty darn good video I love. I have to admit, I am not an big fan of the outfit she wears on the beach but hell, as long as she loves it right.
Her hair and make-up are on point and damn, if you wanna learn how to flip your hair like an pro, go ask her for lessons. Yes I am an proud fan and I can't wait on her second music video.

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  1. Always liked the song :) The clip is nice, especially like the beach scene sequences