vrijdag 30 november 2012

Pop of colour

After ages it seems I am here again with an outfit post. Its quite an simple outfit, with pieces you have seen and some you haven't really. 
So on sunday night I have quite some stress about what to wear on monday. I pulled together some pieces and send a message to my best friend, asking her wich one to pick, cause i didnt had an clue. She picked this set, minus the shoes and well I adored it and eventually wore it on Tuesday and Friday.
I feel comfortabel and very good in this outfit and it really shines through on my face, my personality.
Sometimes I do love fashion, a lot!

Red Biker Jacket: Miss Etam
Grey/Metalic Top: H&M+
Denim: New Look
Sneaker Wedge: Isabel Marant Knock Off's
Ear Cuff: Sieradenkistje.nl

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Still really love the red biker jacket <3 And the knock off Isabel Marants <3

  2. beautiful photos! love your blog
    keep it on!

    xoxo P.P.