zaterdag 25 augustus 2012

It's all about your favorites: Nailpolish

from right to left: 825 Sky High, 840 Blue eyed girl, 740 Clear, 020 Silver Clash, 430, Coralicious, 805 Grey matter.

Thinking it was time to blog a bit about some beauty products of mine that I use on a regular bases. Well at first I wanted to blog a bit about my favorite brand of nailpolish wich is Rimmel London. I once bought the grey one because grey is my favorite colour and Rimmel was the only one with the excact kind of shade I wanted to have. I opend it back home and noticed this brand had a thicker brush and that applying it was easy and i didn't made that big of mess with it. The polish dried quick and it didn't chip off as fast as cheaper brands I had bought previously. Ofcourse this was an instant hit to my nailpolish collection.

Over time I bought more shades that some how catched my attention. Latest purchase is the second colour in line, the 840 Blue eyed girl. The fact that this brand is a bit more expensive, 5 to 6 euro's a piece. For a student it is a lot of money for just one piece of nailpolish but until now it is worth the money.

So what are your favorite brands and or colours when it comes down to nailpolish?? Leave a comment below. 

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Oohhh I love these! I love Rimmel nailpolish <3 Blue Eyed Girl looks lovely, I think I'm going to buy this :P

    My personal favorite right now is a Fuchsia color from Rimmel. Don't know the name right now because I don't have it with me :P

  2. I love Rimmel London too :) As for other brands that would be definitely ESSIE (you know?) and Essence. I like both colours called "nude" and those which are really conspicuous, like your blue ones :)

  3. I mostly buy nailpolish from OPI, but a that brand really is expenive I don't have too many yet, but the nail polish just works for me.

    I really like the Sky High colour!