vrijdag 24 augustus 2012

Selena Gomez, My style icon.

Here I was thinking, I never blogged about my style icon when it comes down to everyday clothing. So here I was thinking about how am I gonna do this. Well obviously I picked a few candid pictures of non other then selena gomez wearing this style that even I as a plus sized girl could wear.
It's all about translating it into your own size.

What I just love about Selena her style is that it is simple, I mean what girl doesn't has a pair of jeans/shorts and tops in her closet. I do! also in a variety of colours and so on. The only things that off these looks I can't work with is she wears a lot of boots in all sorts of styles and ways but that isnt my thing. I rather finish it off with heels or sneakers. The fact that she dresses it up with just a scarve sometimes is something I want tro try myself, maybe that will give an outfit an certain kind of spunk.

looking at all of these looks you can see that the thirth is the msot comfy one, jeans, big sweater and uggs, it certainly is my lazy sunday kind of outfit in the winter or during the evening. I know for sure that saturday I will be sporting the excact kind of look as my family and I head out for 'De Gondelvaart'.

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