dinsdag 21 augustus 2012

Personal: The love of my life.

Renske and me through the years.

The love of my life is what you can call her. 

Yes an entire different blogpost, but after some set backs I had as of late I needed a bit of cheering up and what I am blogging about is what cheers me up a bit. Next to chatting with my bestie and other friends.

Renske is an 7 year old Friesian mare. I got her from my grandpa almost four years ago. 
She is a support for me, one I can share my stories to on my bad, bad days without her giving an opinion cause she will do nothing more then give me a poke with her nose or stare at me like boss, where is my candy or some mroe of her silly little things she does that make me love her even more.

Sometimes we also have our down moments when riding doesn't go the way I want to and that has been a lot as of late to. I didnt rode her for a very long time but now I have to again cause we both need some stamina for the photoshoot we have on the 22th of September. In my big dress from the Elf Fantasy Fair and Renske with her gorgeus long mane on this big plain full of sand and some woods. Its gonna be magical.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. The photos are lovely! Curious for your photoshoot, I'm sure we'll see some photos ;)

  2. Curious to see the photos from your photoshoot for next month, must be fabulous!

  3. You will find them on facebook and on here when I have them :D