woensdag 22 augustus 2012

Rushing up to the question mark.

Like Promissed my second post about artists, yaay. I love me some music hahaha. Well like before there are four pictures, but what the fourth may be is an absolute mystery.
Like before this is my taste in music and you can share that opinion or you won't, just keep it nice.

Yes I might hear some of you groan or what not but yes I love boybands, always have and always will. 
From right to the left: James, Logan, Carlos and Kendall known as Big time rush, I found them through nickelodeon. Their self named show was a fun thing to watch without thinking. from watching that show and liking their music I started googeling, downloading music and I instantly loved their music. These four guys are amazingly talented and are amazing live as well.
So below I have 2 video's the first is a live performance at the Ellen Show and the second is my sort of summer anthem, Windows Down!
Yes do note, I am not a crazy teen ager who goes screaming and stuff, I just enjoy this. Maybe boybands are my guilty pleasure when it comes to music.


#2. Glee
Who hasn't heard about this show, in a good or a bad way. But yes I am proud to say I am a gleek. Ofcourse becoming a gleek was much harder. Darlene said wow you need to watch this and so on and I did. To make things short.., I disliked it.., what was this, it was like a grown up high school musical. Well Darlene isn't Darlene if she hadn't told me to go on and watch more and with every episode I grew to love it. I am sure her reading it she thinks, yes I told you so. 
I love the story line in glee, how a bunch of misfits can grow into being accepted and themself. Their own superstars. Its inspirational and with their musical covers (whom I sometimes love even better then the original) it was like the invasion to my Itunes playlist.
I started loving some of the actors, inspired by them as well but thats a post for later.

Pixie is an amazing talent I also grow to love, ofcourse I had seen her son 'Mama do' on mtv and tmf back in the days but I just passed it off as oh what a cute song and that it. I don't know when it was but Darlene once again told me, oh you should listen to this (she is a TRUE crazycat) and I did and with each song and video I listen and watched I grew to love pixie and even to date I listen to her all the times.
She is an amazing live performer, extremely talented, she writes her own songs and how written songs for other artist in the industry and not to forget she is an pretty awesome danser as well.

#4. Question Mark!
Oh yes the joy, the suprise a question mark. Why a question mark you might ask. Well Besides all the artist I already put into this spotlight there isn't a 'big' artist in my playlist. Mostly it are a few random songs here and there and that is about it. So why not Quickly sum up those that did catch my intrest with a few songs and who knows, maybe in half a year or a year they are 'bigger' stars in my playlist. I didn't put in their music video's as a video in my post, but click their names and tada there comes my current favorite song by them.

First I have Carly rae Jepsen, she can't be missed because of her song 'Call Me Maybe' and is now climbing the charts with Owl City and their song 'Good Time'

Justin Bieber, yes I always have called high and low, saying I will never like him or his music but now I have to admit, little guys grow up and so did his music. I am suprised myself that I love so many songs on his new album and I am not afraid to say that if it wasn't for those awefull screaming teenage girls I might go see a concert!

Then we have Bruno Mars , this talent can't be forgotten in this list. I love his music and not to forget he is this talent as well. Wiriting his own song and one of the few people in this buisniss that is amazing live! He is like a must on my see in concert list.

Chef'Special is a dutch band I had never heard of before I went to Het Bevrijdingsfestival with my family and  they were performing. A band full and hyped on energy, playing the crowd extremely well. They are good live and once home I googled and ofcourse bought some songs. Sure do check them out!

Last for now, maybe I will make another post soon. We will see but the last person ending this list is Shannon bex . Yes a familiar name if you remember the other music blog. She was also a part of Danity Kane but now she is busy on her own solo career. But Shannon didn't focus on the pop or the rock or what else is dance-able for the people in clubs and so on and that is what I love about her! No Shannon makes country music and besides Taylor Swift I have never listen to anything country from free will. But being this big Danity Kane fan I had so listen to it and I loved it, adored it who know what more. But she is coming and we better watch out! 

So here we have it the end of an another pretty long blogpost for my being. Hope you enjoyed and do please leave a comment ;) I love those!

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  1. Yay Glee! :D Love it! The rest is okay, but I'm not really a fan of their music :P Especially not Justin. However, his last song was... okay I guess. xD It's more the fans you spoke about that annoy me xD

    1. it is, mostly fans destroy you liking certain artists.., well and for me that is with a lot of artists.

  2. I loved the performance from Glee 'Paradise by the dashboard light'