vrijdag 31 augustus 2012

My toughts

'Fashion is about confidence'

The quote stated above is what counts, fashion is all about confidence. 
I started this blog out as a plus sized fashion blog, but because I didn't feel comfortable all the time in making new outfit posts everyday and so on I felt like I failed in what I was trying to achieve. My intention was to make an blog just to be an inspiration to bigger girls out there in the world. With some help from Darlene on styling myself I tried to give it my best shot and I did give it my best shot for about a year with some posts on and off.

While I am a student I cannot buy new items over and over and always creating outfits with pieces I had already shown to many time became a bore to me. Yes I could have always blogged about my wish lists or plus sized brands (there are some fun ones out there) or other fashion relatable thing I still didnt felt confident enough to go on with it. 

The fact that the quote says that fashion is about confidence is something I agree on, the days I feel horrible I rather dress down in a thick sweater and some jeans and curl up on the couch, while I have good days, where I love to dress up nice, maybe take some outfit shots to top it all off. But to me it wasn't good enough.

Ofcourse I will try and do some fashion pieces now and then and that for sure will help since I have now found this glossy named big is beautiful, for girls with curves. So beware :) 

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